Theta HealingWhat if we told you ‘change your beliefs and change your life’?  Quite a powerful statement, however, this is another situation where truth is greater than fiction, where belief totally outweighs scepticism.

The Theta Healing technique was created by a dear lady by the name of Vianna Stibal in 1995.  Ms Stibal cured herself of a major tumour in her leg resulting, as it often does in human kind, of her passing this incredible healing method onto millions of followers.

The word ‘Theta’ refers to a particular brain frequency of which humans have a total of five and it is these brain frequencies that control our belief system.  In other words, we are the controllers of our reality, which consist of our beliefs, thoughts and mindset.

Our five different brain frequencies are referred to as Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma.

Beta; working consciousness and reasoning.  Beta brain waves associate basically while we are awake and include a heightened state of alertness, critical reasoning and logic.  Beta brain waves are essential for effective functioning through waking hours, they can incorporate anxiety, restlessness and anxiety.

Alpha; deep relaxation frequency.  Alpha brain waves present when we are in deep relaxation usually with closed eyes, most likely in light meditation, in a pleasant daydream.  This is the mode when you can program the mind for achievement, success.  Alpha brain waves are the doorway to your subconscious mind and Alpha brain waves increase memory, visualisation, learning, concentration and imagination.

Theta; meditation and sleeping frequency.  Theta brain waves involve their presence when we are in deep meditation or during light sleep.  Theta brain waves are also present during REM or rapid eye movement dreaming.  Theta is where the intersection of a sense of deep spiritual connection and unity with the Universe, meet.  ‘Theta State’ can allow us to experience intense inspiration, profound creativity, vivid visualisations, and exhilarating insight.

Delta; deep sleep personified.  The Delta brain wave is experienced in deep sleep where we neither dream and our awareness is totally detached.  Deep sleep is said to be vital for the human healing process.

Gamma; peak concentration brain waves.  Gamma brain waves are the fastest brain wave frequency associated with peak concentration and extremely high levels of cognitive functioning.  The Gamma brain wave influences the entire brain so ‘Gamm State’ is one of peak mental and physical performance.  In other words we feel we are ‘in the zone’ and can do and achieve anything.  Those with high ‘Gamma State’ brain wave levels are exceptionally intelligent, happy, compassionate, possess steel trap memories and strong self-control.

Theta Healing is a highly effective intuitive healing modality which is a training method for your mind to clear limiting beliefs.  The beliefs about ourselves are often so imperfect that instead of freeing us, they bind us.  Remember our thoughts determine our actions and our future.

Patricia Fowler is a Theta Healing practitioner.  Patricia will work with divine source to co-create a healing.  She will use Kinesiology (muscle testing) to access the subconscious to ascertain what limiting beliefs are causing issues.

These beliefs are held at 4 levels:

Core Level

What we are taught and accept during our childhood and subsequent life.

Genetic Level

Experienced muscle testing will determine how many generations prior to you.

History/Soul Level

What are experiences and beliefs over past lives and history.  This is what we are at the deepest level and our souls continue learning until being redirected.

Subconscious Level

Controls 95% of our mind and we are not aware of this self-talk.  Muscle testing assists in subconscious thoughts and beliefs coming into our awareness.

In our day to day lives, toxic emotions do have a negative impact on our physical and emotional health.  Theta Healing allows the mind to accept positive imprints.

Can it help you?  Yes it can!

Do you suffer from:

·         Negative feelings

·         Anger

·         Bad habits

·         Stress, depression or anxiety

·         Physical pain, various forms of illness

·         Fears about things or phobia

·         An overbearing subconscious causing blocks

·         Carry over past history experiences and beliefs

OR, lifestyle issues?

·         Over weight

·         Relationships

·         Lack confidence or self-esteem

·         Chakras unbalanced or need energizing

·         Your general health and well being

Patricia will work with you towards addressing issues stored on the Subconscious, Soul, Genetic or Core level which are barriers to our need to change and adjust to new situations and experiences to improve our lives.

Preparation for Theta Healing

You may wish to identify issues that are affecting your life which you are searching for a healing or to improve.

Ensure you drink plenty of water prior to the session, you will be kept well hydrated during the session by Patricia

You do not have to be religious as Theta Healing is a Spiritual/Mental technique and not attached to any particular Church or religious order.The thoughts and beliefs are always for the clients best and highest good.

As always, you are advised that Theta Healing is not a replacement for qualified medical advice and we would never recommend that you do not seek qualified medical advice for any illness.