What is Kinesiology?

What Is KinesiologyKinesiology
, pronounced kin-ees-see-ology, is a science encompassing anatomy, muscle testing Kinesiology, the science of movement of the body and accessing the power of the mind.

Thought by some to be a recent science discovery, Kinesiology reportedly in fact dates back to the Greek philosopher Aristotle in 384-322 BC.  Aristotle is widely accepted as the ‘Father of Kinesiology’.

Much later in 131-201 AD, Roman citizen GALEN tended the Pergamum’s Gladiators in Asia Minor and many considered him to be the first team physician in history.

Through the centuries, other notable names associated with the science of Kinesiology were Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo and many others.

Much later, however, a chiropractor in the USA, Dr George Goodheart, discovered in the 1960’s, that muscle testing could be used to gather information from the body.  He published many papers on the subject APPLIED KINESIOLOGY.  He chaired the International College of Applied Kinesiology – USA for 32 years.  His initial discoveries in applied Kinesiology and muscle testing took place in 1964.

Dr Goodheart’s findings were based on the concept that discernible changes in muscle function can occur when energy flows in the body are interrupted, energy centres become blocked leading to feelings of being unwell physically or emotionally.

These feelings of being unwell or blocked energy centres can include the aftermath of injury, emotional issues, diseased or dysfunctional internal organs, nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities and vitamin and or mineral deficiencies, internal conflicts of belief systems, self, hereditary, subconscious and negative internal and external energy.

Patricia Fowler, a fully trained and qualified Kinesiology practitioner, utilises an extensive diagnostic procedure involving manual muscle testing.  Through this procedure, Patricia can facilitate awareness in relation to a person’s feeling of being unwell, emotionally or physically, which may even include disruption to Chakra’s, the Aura and the Meridian energy systems and negative belief systems held in the subconscious mind that are not beneficial to the clients life.

Applying the principles of Kinesiology, Patricia can assist the client in allowing emotional and energy blocks attached to your belief system which no longer serves your needs.  She will then assist with developing new beliefs in order that a client can gradually move toward a more empowering and life enhancing thought process.

Home reinforcement is always given to assist the client to accept the new learning into the subconscious mind resulting in releasing of energy blockages, balance restoration, leading to health and well-being for her clients.

Seriously consider Kinesiology to assist you if you suffer from one or more of the following:

·         Depressive tendencies

·         Fatigue

·         Back issues

·         Emotional issues

·         Learning disabilities

·         Unsuspected food or chemical sensitivities

·         Bad posture or range of motion

·         Personal development, lifestyle enhancement

·         Nervous disorders

·         Pain in a particular part of the body

·         Poor functioning digestive system

The above is not extensive; please feel free to talk to Patricia for a confidential chat about your situation.