Brain Gym Stretching Meditation Classes

brain-gym-stretching-meditation-classesMost people are familiar with or have practiced meditation and have found it is a wonderful and effective way to relax, reduce stress, lose the sense of self and melt into universal consciousness.

Patricia Fowler combines two other very worthwhile experiences with meditation to complete a holistic approach to include breathing, gentle stretching and affirmations to promote health for the body and mind.

Brain Gym is a simple but effective program that works by promoting specific movement positions to assist in facilitating optimal achievement of mental potential.

Brain Gym exercises assist in stimulating the information flow within the brain and sensory system freeing the inborn individuals ability to learn, balance and function at top efficiency.

As many of us would attest, the lack of movement of the body leads to physical impairment making life’s day to day activities difficult and often painful.

Gentle stretching combined with proper breathing can help to unlock some of these obstinate joints and muscles as well as stimulating the brain to think positively about how your body can function better with movement and breathing.

Finally, meditation, the Centuries old proven method of experiencing increased mental processing, happiness, incredible focus, better perception of realty and heightened self-control.

Patricia will gently talk you through what it is you wish to focus on during meditation, be if a place, a wonderful memory and take you through the Chakras, the seven centres of spiritual power in the human body.

At the end of this invigorating session, which takes around 60  minutes, Patricia will invite you to a cuppa and a chance to mingle and discuss your experience with others of the group.

The sessions are very affordable at $10 per class, and locally accessible at her practice in Eli Waters.  Session times are as follows: