Acupressure Points

Ever heard of a Meridian?  Or Acupressure Points?

Acupressure – good for your body, everybody.

Assisting in energy balancing, reduction of inflammation and acidity in the body.

Improves circulation, flexibility, mobility and is beneficial for any blockage related condition including headaches.

Not surprisingly, acupressure was developed and practiced by the Chinese centuries ago.  As opposed to the use of needle (acupuncture), acupressure, as the name suggests uses the hands to work on particular meridians and acupoints based on theories dealing with the organs, meridians, Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) energy and blood.

Acupressure PointsAcupressure is performed by the tracing and massaging of the meridians, muscles and skin and acupoints.  A practitioner will press and trace the meridians, using fingers and palm pressing on the acupoints as well as massaging the muscles and skin over the full body including the head and feet.

The procedure causes little or no pain and clients need not get undressed for the treatment and feels quite relaxing and calming.

Acupressure stimulates blood and Qi flows, smooths and balances meridians and regulates the body’s organs.  The meridians systems or distribution network is like a giant web, linking various areas of our bodies together.  The meridian pathways supply vital energy to all parts of the body.

Blockages in the meridians can cause disease, inflammation and can ultimately progress to impaired flow of Qi and blood and hence impaired body function.

Patricia Fowler – utilises specific methods to assist you in releasing toxins and regain balance and reduce physical and often emotional issues that an individual may suffer.

Patricia is extremely empathetic to your issues and will listen and guide you towards specific treatment.