Patricia Fowler

Patricia Fowler

Patricia Fowler

Patricia Fowler, or she also answers to the name ‘Trish’, is one of the Fraser Coast’s newest, brightest and dedicated practitioners of the numerous modalities of natural energy, health and healing.

The healing fields she specialises in include Counselling , Acupressure and energy healing, Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology  known as NLP ,NLK , Vibrational Kinesiology, Touch for Health (including Brain Gym), Theta Healing practitioner, and has completed Levels 1 and 2 in Reiki.

Her experience spans over more than a decade and during this period she spent a great deal of time studying and attainment of recognised qualifications in these various specialist healing modalities. Patricia also support the Community as a Rotarian and volunteer work for Lifeline Crisis Support Centre.

Patricia is particularly dedicated to the assistance, care and attention to those of us  who are experiencing issues such as limiting belief of self-worth, disturbing, lingering childhood experiences, or other limiting beliefs affecting life’s many challenging day to day decisions and negative thoughts ,external energies , subconscious Mind beliefs, Genetic energies and  Auric field.

In addition to having witnessed her successful reprogramming of clients through her energy healing expertise, Patricia can also bring long term relief to clients suffering physical ailments through her skills as an Acupressure and Kinesiology therapist.  Anyone who has experienced this treatment will attest to its amazing ability to bring relief to painful areas of the body.  Surrogate healing is also an option (which is particularly helpful for small babies), as well as distance energy healing.

Complementing Patricia’s skill and training is her dedicated practitioner room located within her residence at Eli Waters, Hervey Bay .

This expansive, beautiful room has been specially fitted out to encourage relaxation, quiet and natural light to ensure the best possible ambiance for her many clients.

As well as her home base, Patricia practices  at the Mind, Body & Spirit Clinic located in Melory Place on Torquay Road, Pialba.

And remember, Patricia’s many learned skills have no age or gender restriction, meaning that everyone can experience these non-invasive therapies for a myriad mind and physical ailments.

Patricia Fowler’s business is aptly called ‘Natural Energy Health and Healing’.  She welcomes and indeed encourages calls from prospective clients who may need to initially discuss their particular issues prior to treatment.